A $100 Second Look can help buyers win the deal!

Did you know Key Mortgage will give buyers a $100 gift card just for letting them take a second look at their preapproval from another lender?  

Key Mortgage could be their secret weapon! We want to ensure buyers have the right product at the right rate and is qualified to close. If we can’t add value to buyers, we still give them a $100 gift card just for letting us take a look (and they get to rest easy knowing they have the best deal for them).

We look at more than just rate – did you know we have niche options other lenders can’t offer for qualified borrowers?  

  • Super low downpayment on up to $900K  
  • Bank statement loans
  • Rehab loans at purchase
  • Attractive adjustable-rate mortgage options
  • Downpayment assistance programs 
  • And more!

Reach out to a Key Mortgage loan officer to learn more about how to ensure that buyer is in the best position to purchase a home in today’s market and a $100 gift card in the process. We’ve got your back!