Renee Devedjian

NMLS# 2286629
IL License# 2286629
WI License# 2286629

After 30 years in the real estate industry, Renee believes the secret to her sustained success is simple: it’s the small things that make a big difference. Thoughtful listening and trusted advice can go a long way. When working with buyers, Renee prides herself on truly understanding her customers first, and offering sound advice second. Renee believes that educated customers are efficient and happy customers, so she always takes time to explain the entire process upfront and point out details in the mortgage process so that her customers feel at ease.

Upfront preparation is also an important part of Renee’s process when working with Realtors. She starts every relationship with a thorough explanation of what it takes to successfully close a transaction, leaving no detail out. Renee takes a two-pronged approach to the mortgage process: she relies on the best tech to streamline the process, balanced with the human touch where she is always available to her customers and Realtors.

Renee’s customers and partners reap the benefits of her years of experience, as well as the vast network and connections she’s built throughout her career. When you work with Renee, you can count on closing.