As Good As Cash – SecureShop Gives Buyers an Advantage

Ensure your buyers have a competitive advantage in today’s market with SecureShop by Key Mortgage. Using SecureShop takes any surprises away from the loan approval process, providing all parties a peace of mind. SecureShop is another way Key Mortgage is here to help you and your clients succeed.

With a SecureShop preapproval, Key Mortgage takes the extra step of having an underwriter review a borrower’s credit, income and assets upfront before they make any offers, rather than the traditional process of waiting until after an offer has been accepted.

Key Mortgage SecureShop advantages include:

  • Reduced approval and closing timelines
  • Valid for 90 days and can be updated once to allow for a re-review by the underwriter for changed parameters (for example: increased sales price or loan amount, adding or subtracting borrowers, changing loan program, extending document expiration dates, etc.)
  • Includes conventional, FHA, IHDA, and jumbo loans
  • Perfect for borrowers who have complicated, intricate or marginal credit/employment, a borrower that was previously declined for a mortgage by another lender but the Key Mortgage LO believes the loan could be approved, or anyone who will sleep better at night knowing the guesswork is taken out of the loan approval process.

With SecureShop, buyers have a rock-solid preapproval and can shop with confidence, act fast when they find the perfect home and be considered as good as a cash buyer to the seller when they make their offer. If you have any questions, reach out to a Key Mortgage loan officer, or if you don’t have one, your managing broker.