We know it’s cliché to ask if you want more business — especially in today’s market. We all can agree the markets of the past are gone and are not coming back any time soon. And, we’re sure part of your 2024 plan may have been to diversify your stream of business and find new ways to prospect. We may be five months into the year, but it’s never too late to take advantage of a new opportunity to do just that!

Key Mortgage is proud to announce yet another way we are positioning to be your partner and help you grow your business: The Key Benefits Suite.

Key Benefits Suite is our way of providing valuable products and services to local employees through their company’s HR department. With Key Benefits Suite, local businesses can offer their employees at no cost:

The value of this financially-driven offering is a great way to open more doors and deepen our connection to the community. Key Mortgage has put together co-branded marketing along with helpful tips on how to best approach this opportunity.

Want to learn more about how you can partner with a Key Mortgage loan officer to develop more business? Reach out today and see how you can incorporate our loan officers into your buyer or seller consultations and develop a holistic approach to their next real estate transaction.

Every May, the United States observes National Military Appreciation Month, a time dedicated to honoring the sacrifices and contributions of the men and women who serve in the Armed Forces. This month-long celebration encompasses various observances including Loyalty Day, VE Day (Victory in Europe Day), Military Spouse Appreciation Day, Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day. It’s a time for the nation to express gratitude for the dedication and valor of those who have served and continue to serve in the defense of freedom and democracy.

Spotlight: General Lori Robinson

At the heart of National Military Appreciation Month lies a profound recognition of the individuals who have selflessly answered the call of duty. Among the countless stories of bravery and commitment, one noteworthy figure stands out: General Lori Robinson.

General Robinson made history as the first woman to lead a major Unified Combatant Command in the history of the United States Armed Forces. In 2016, she assumed command of the United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) and North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). Her appointment shattered gender barriers and served as a testament to the evolving role of women in the military.

Throughout her distinguished career, General Robinson exemplified leadership, resilience, and excellence. She rose through the ranks, overcoming challenges and stereotypes, to become one of the most respected leaders in the military. Her achievements not only inspire future generations of servicemen and women but also underscore the importance of diversity and inclusion within the Armed Forces.

As we reflect on the significance of National Military Appreciation Month, General Lori Robinson’s story reminds us of the valor and dedication exhibited by service members across the nation. It serves as a reminder that the strength of our military lies in the character and integrity of its personnel.

During this month, communities across the country come together to express their gratitude and support for the military community. From parades and ceremonies to volunteer activities and outreach programs, Americans demonstrate their unwavering appreciation for those who have made sacrifices in service to their country

This May, let us unite in appreciation for the brave men and women who defend our nation’s freedom and uphold the values that define the United States of America. Their courage, sacrifice and unwavering dedication deserve our highest recognition and deepest gratitude, not just during National Military Appreciation Month, but every day of the year.

Participate in National Military Appreciation Month

Visit the National Veterans Art Museum. Located in Chicago’s Portage Park neighborhood, the National Veterans Art Museum showcases art created by veterans as a way to express their experiences and emotions. Explore powerful exhibits that highlight the creativity and resilience of those who have served.

Want to connect with new clients in the healthcare industry, open the door to new partnership opportunities and save your clients $450 at closing? It can happen when they close with your Key Mortgage partner.

Each quarter, we’ve been helping you prove your value with Client Appreciation Closing Cost Credits. We helped education workers as they went back to school, first-time homebuyers to get home for the holidays and helped union members start the year strong. Now, we want to extend this promotion to hardworking licensed healthcare professionals everywhere.

The Healthcare Heroes $450 Credit is a closing cost credit offered to all licensed healthcare professionals who start the loan process with Key Mortgage from April 1 through June 30, 2024.

The Healthcare Heroes $450 Credit is:

  • A $450 closing cost credit that is applied at closing
  • Applicable to any mortgage loan application — yes, even refinances
  • Available to all licensed healthcare professionals currently working in the industry (this must be verifiable)
  • Can be used in conjunction with our $250 Second Look program — this could add up to a total of $700 in savings!

This is not only an opportunity to give back to healthcare workers, but to open the door to a whole new level of partnership. Not only will you be able to expand and connect with more people in your sphere, but this can lead to opportunities like first-time homebuyer workshops at hospitals, healthcare facilities and more.

Get the word out to your clients with our cobranded marketing pieces (ask your Key Mortgage LO) and by thinking up creative ways to partner and break into this segment of buyers. This isn’t just about current clients who are healthcare workers, but anyone they might know who works in the healthcare profession and is looking to buy (or refinance) — so it’s important to share with ALL of your sphere!

Contact a Key Mortgage loan officer for more information.


*Credit valid for applications started between 4/1/2024 – 6/30/2024. Credit is available on both purchase and refinance loans. At least one borrower must provide evidence and documentation that they are licensed and currently working in the healthcare industry to be considered eligible to receive the credit. Credit must be mentioned at the time of application. $450 credit will be applied at the time of closing. Borrower is subject to credit approval. If the loan does not close for any reason, costs will not be redeemed from cash and have no value. Restrictions may apply. Contact Key Mortgage Services, Inc. for current rates or more information.

Just one simple question can tell an entire story. “How likely is it that you would recommend Key Mortgage to a friend or colleague?” This one question is the baseline for all Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and the resulting answer speaks volumes about the customer experience with a company.

NPS is commonly used in a variety of industries to measure the satisfaction rate of clients. “The highest compliment you can give is the referral of a friend, family or co-worker” is a common tagline in agents’ signatures. NPS essentially takes that tagline, poses it as a question and then collects the responses.

This score can be anywhere from negative 100 to positive 100. The higher the score, the more people are saying they would refer. A score of 50 is considered excellent and over 80 is considered world-class.

Historically, the financial industry as a whole has been in the mid-40s (44 in 2023) with banks in the mid-30s according to CustomerGauge, a leader in NPS software and analysis. In 2023, Key Mortgage’s NPS was an astounding 93. In fact, five times last year we received a perfect score of 100 from our buyer’s agents. Here’s why this should matter to you:

We want to perform so well that your clients become raving fans — referring family and friends — and from the looks of things, we are knocking it out of the park! 

Together, let’s work and get YOU more referrals. Reach out to a Key Mortgage loan officer today.