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I don’t have a lot for a downpayment. Can I still buy?

Yes you can.

The most common myth about buying a home is that you need 20% for a downpayment. Qualified buyers may need as little as 1% down. Use one of our downpayment assistance programs to make that number even lower, and your dream home might be more attainable than you think. To qualified buyers, we offer:

Curious how much you can do with what you have?

Find out what your monthly payment would be right now with our calculator. This could help you in future conversations with lenders.

I don’t know how much I can afford.

We’ve got you.

Not sure how much you will qualify for? Count on us to help.

Kudos to you for doing your homework! You never want to fall in love with a home that’s out of your price range. Determining what you can afford is a very important part of the process and answering it upfront will help you and your real estate agent focus on a price range when you start your search.

Use our calculator to figure this out on your own. Or better yet, a 15-minute call with one of our trained professionals will help you crunch the numbers and answer other questions you might have as you’re getting started.

Use our helpful calculator to help you figure out how much you can afford — and how much you would be comfortable paying a month.

Want to know more about the overall process? You’re in the right place. We’ve outlined the homebuying process in six simple steps.

What is the difference between a fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) loan?

Which option is the best for your unique situation?

While there are plenty of loan programs available to homeowners, they all boil down to being in one of two categories. Whether the interest rate is fixed for the term of the loan or adjusts is something you decide based on your needs.

Things you might want to consider when choosing which type of loan is best:

Which one is right for you?

That is where our professionally trained loan officers come in. We will ask the right questions upfront so that we provide you with a loan that meets both your long and short-term goals. We help you make the best decision for you.

Use our Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Analyzer to see what might be best for you.

I’m a first-time homebuyer. Is there anything special available to me?

We get it. Buying your first home is a big deal.

We make it easier with a variety of loan options specifically geared to first-time buyers.

Stop paying your landlord’s mortgage and start building your own financial future.

Not sure where to start? We’ve outlined all of the documents you need to get preapproved.

So you’ve never done this before. There’s a first time for everything, and to make it easier, we’ve outlined the homebuying process in six simple steps.

Is refinancing right for me?

To refi or not to refi?

Have interest rates dropped since you purchased your home? Maybe you need more accessible cash in your bank account on a monthly basis, or you want to take cash out to pay off a higher debt or remodel.

There are so many reasons why refinancing might be right for you. Use our helpful calculator, or even better, speak with a professional Key Mortgage loan officer to see what your options are. 

Whether it’s locking in a lower interest rate, lowering or removing your PMI, changing to a longer term loan, or another creative solution, we’ll give it everything we’ve got to lower your monthly payments.

I am buying a fixer upper.

It could be your dream home. If only …

The kitchen was updated, it had one more bathroom, you get the picture. Make an almost-perfect home perfect for you and your loved ones with a variety of home improvement and renovation loans that require as little as 3.5% down.

We offer loan products that:

Speak with a professional today about your plans. We can help find you a loan that’s right for you.

Already preapproved with another lender, but not sure you’re getting the best deal? Let us take a look — free of charge. Our Second Look program has saved clients almost $35,000 over the life of their loan.

I need to borrow more than $510,400.

We can help with that.

If you’re looking at single family homes at a higher price point, we’ve got you covered. Lending guidelines can change based on how much you need to borrow and the type of property you’re financing. There are a lot of options we offer, and we’ll make sure you get all the information you need to choose the best one for you.

With jumbo loans you can purchase at a higher price point and take advantage of competitive interest rates. We offer both fixed-rate and adjustable-rate jumbo loans.

One of our loan officers can help you find the best option.

Already preapproved with another lender, but not sure you’re getting the best deal? Let us take a look — free of charge. Our Second Look program has saved one of our clients almost $35,000 over the life of their loan.

I am a veteran or actively serving in the military.

You put your life on the line for your country — now you can count on us.

Key Mortgage was named one of the Top Military Lenders of 2018 by National Mortgage Professional Magazine and has vast experience working with active and retired service members. In gratitude for your service, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) makes it easier for active and retired military members to buy today:

Best Military Lenders 2018

On top of these benefits, when you buy a home through our exclusive U.S. Military on the Move® program, you’ll receive a cash rebate based on the actual sales price — with no limit on the amount — plus a $300.00 closing credit.

Military on the Move® is powered by Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, a global network of over 500 premier real estate firms, giving you access to exceptional service from top quality associates living and working in the market, and providing you with a seamless real estate transaction with exclusive benefits.

If you are active duty or retired military simply register with U.S. Military on the Move® by emailing before contacting your agent.

U.S. Military on the Move

Let us help you realize your American Dream. Get in touch with one of our loan officers today.

I am building a home.

We provide financing from the ground up.

We offer access to two programs designed to take some of the worry out of building your dream home — and you can use them together for even more advantages.

Lock in your interest rate for up to 240 days at no cost with SmartLock — if rates go lower, you get to take advantage. It offers peace of mind in uncertain rate environments while you build your home.

DreamBuilder gives you home financing during construction to build the home you’ve always wanted.

When you use them together:

Building your dream home? Count on us to make it easier.

I’m self-employed. Will it be harder for me to qualify?

We get you.

We understand the complexity that comes with owning your own business. Accounting and tax treatments may have unknown effects on your ability to obtain a traditional mortgage loan. At Key Mortgage we know that how you structure your business income doesn’t mean you are undeserving of a mortgage. Our common sense lending options can help many business owners who may have been told “no” by other lenders. We work with you to examine your unique situation using bank statements and tax returns to verify your income.

We can help you navigate this process.

Already preapproved with another lender, but not sure you’re getting the best deal? Let us take a look — free of charge. Our Second Look program has saved clients almost $35,000 over the life of their loan.