Getting a mortgage
should be easier.

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We want to make this process easier. These Do’s and Don’ts will help avoid delays with your loan approval and closing so you can get home sooner.


  • Don’t apply or take out new credit cards, auto loans, or other loans until after your closing date
  • Don’t make any unverifiable or undocumented deposits into your checking or savings accounts
  • Don’t pay off a collection or charge off account
  • Don’t close any credit card accounts
  • Don’t consolidate your debt onto 1 or 2 credit cards
  • Don’t transfer funds from your business account to your personal account
  • Don’t dispute anything on your credit report
  • Don’t quit your job or start a new company
  • Don’t take cash advances on credit cards


  • Do provide all requested information and documents quickly
  • Do keep your files current with the recent copies of your pay stubs and bank statements
  • Do continue to make all payments on credit cards, loans, and rental or mortgage accounts
  • Do keep your balances low on credit cards, even if you pay them off in full every month
  • Do realize your credit may be reviewed up to the closing date
  • Do use your personal checking account to write the earnest money check for your purchase
  • Do call your loan officer if you have any questions

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COVID-19 Update

We’ve received many questions from our clients and partners about what the ‘shelter in place’ order means in terms of their mortgage closing on time. 

Financial services, and the services that support us, continuing to supply credit and liquidity to the market, fall into a category that is exempt from the ‘shelter in place’ order announced by Governor Pritzker.

This will allow us to continue to provide all of the vital services needed to continue to accept, approve, and fund mortgage loans. Unless notified by Key Mortgage Services, assume there will be no impact to your loan process. 

If you are in the middle of an application, your cooperation with us to supply any required information or documentation and, if applicable, to work with your appraisers around their scheduled appointments is needed now more than ever to ensure we meet the necessary deadlines of your individual loan process.

Our primary focus is and always will be the health and safety of our employees, partners, and clients. We’re working closely with our partners to modify our processes and procedures to ensure that healthy and safe practices are in place to enable the seamless continuity of loans.

Please reach out to your loan officer with any questions during this unprecedented time. 

-All of us at Key Mortgage