The smoothest and most transparent loan experience ever.

Key Mortgage’s loan application platform, glyde, delivers a faster, easier, and more transparent loan process than ever before. Glyde lets borrowers do everything in one secure, mobile-friendly portal. 

Glyde gets you home faster than ever. 

Glyde takes days off the loan process by streamlining the application experience.

The application takes around 15 minutes for most buyers, with tips and helpful information at every step. You get confidence from day one, live updates, and a single secure portal to upload all documents to one place. We’ve cut back on the back and forth so you can cut days off of the overall process.


Glyde puts your loan at your fingertips.

The glyde experience is made for mobile clients, so you can complete their application and get progress updates wherever and whenever it’s convenient. You can even take photos of required documents and upload them right from your phone —  it’s as easy as remotely depositing a check. And if you get stuck, your loan team’s contact information is always just one touch away.


Glyde provides high tech support with a human touch. 

You get as much or as little support as you need throughout the process. Whether you need a trusted co-pilot to walk you through each step using glyde’s unique screen-sharing function, or you prefer to tackle everything on your own with minimal interaction — we’ve got your back.

Count on us to provide personalized support from beginning to end.  



Glyde keeps you in the loop. 

From preapproval to closing, you, your agent, and the seller’s agent, are kept in the loop with glyde’s real-time email updates and proactive communication. You and your agent will never have to wonder where files are or what the next step is. Each email update includes the current milestone with a progress bar that shows exactly what has been completed and how many steps are left. We’ve got your back.



Ready to get the full glyde experience?