Buyers can lock interest rates before finding a home

With rising rates, every day brings uncertainty for you and your buyers. That’s why Key Mortgage is now offering an option for your clients to lock in their mortgage rate before they find the home of their dreams with Lock & Shop. By locking in the rate today, it secures your client’s buying power, takes the fear out of rising rates, and motivates your buyers to make a quick decision.

With Lock & Shop at Key Mortgage:

  • Lock in a client’s buying power for up to 70 days
  • Take the fear out of rising rates in today’s market
  • Motivate buyers to buy quickly knowing they have a time limit
  • No property address required 
  • Client can take advantage of lower rates if they become available 
  • No additional costs
  • Conforming and FHA fixed rates

Talk to your clients about whether this option is right for their unique situation. Our loan officers are ready to move quickly to ensure that your clients are protected from short-term future rate hikes. 

Contact a Key Mortgage Loan Officer today for more information.