Your buyers can cut days off the traditional loan process and get approved faster!

Our new KeyExpress process lets your buyers go directly to underwriting, cutting days off the traditional loan process and strengthening their position in this competitive market when they’re ready to make an offer. 

With KeyExpress, clients who provide complete documentation right away will have their loan fast-tracked directly to an underwriter who can approve the loan up front. That means buyers get their loan approval faster, meet their contingency dates, and close with less stress.

We’ve created a cobranded checklist for you to provide to your clients as you begin their new home search with them. This way, they know what documents to prepare before we start the preapproval process. 

This is part of the benefit of having an in-house team on your side. When you bring us in from day one, our one-stop shop helps your clients get home sooner.

Talk to one of our Key Mortgage loan officers to find out how KeyExpress can benefit your clients and to provide you with the cobranded marketing materials to promote this new process!