FHA + SecureShop for the WIN!

“Action and adaptability create opportunity.” – Garrison Wynn

Could a quote be any more applicable to the residential real estate market these days? We have all found ourselves required to make changes to how we source, engage and work with clients.

Low inventory, elevated interest rates and attacks on your income  have impacted us all, but adapting your practice and your mindset could open up you — and your clients — to more opportunities. One such opportunity is leveraging FHA financing to help qualify more buyers and allow them to make more competitive offers. But wait — how does FHA financing, which is a riskier loan, make for a more competitive offer?

With today’s rate environment, an FHA loan may provide a significantly lower payment than a conventional loan, which in turn gives your client more buying power. But the real magic is having that FHA preapproval reviewed by an actual underwriter giving you, the client and the seller the highest level of confidence the loan financing will be approved with no surprises. We call that our SecureShop advantage! Let’s learn a little more:

This powerful tool can help you and your client both stand out when the offer is presented and give you all peace of mind that a major hurdle in the homebuying process — the initial underwriter review — has been cleared. 

But with this enhanced activity we need a little more time to provide these services. On average, it takes about 3 days from the time the client executes the paperwork. So getting your Key Mortgage loan officer introduced to your buyer earlier in the process is critical to taking advantage of this powerful tool.

Now more than ever, the value you bring to your client means something. Increasing their buying power, offer strength and the overall peace of mind that comes with SecureShop matters. Partner with a Key Mortgage loan officer to gain an advantage over your competition.