Introducing SecureShop – An Underwriter Reviewed Preapproval

Key Mortgage has a new preapproval program to ensure that your buyers have a competitive advantage in today’s market — it’s called SecureShop.

Alongside Key Mortgage direct-to-underwriting program KeyExpress, SecureShop is another way Key Mortgage is here to help you and your clients succeed.

With a SecureShop preapproval, Key Mortgage takes the extra step of having an underwriter review a borrower’s credit, income and assets upfront and before they make any offers, rather than waiting until after an offer has been accepted.

This means agents and their buyers have a rock-solid preapproval and can shop with confidence, act fast when they find the perfect home, and be considered as good as a cash buyer to the seller when they make their offer. And, there are fewer surprises down the road. 

If you have any questions, reach out to a Key Mortgage loan officer today!