Key Mortgage can help your clients make non-contingent offers

In today’s market of multiple offers and fast-moving real estate, offers contingent on the sale of another property often can be pushed aside. Yet, many clients are afraid to sell before they find a new home.

Here are some ways your clients can buy before they sell:

  • 401K loan
  • Family gift
  • Smaller downpayment
  • Bridge loan
  • Line of credit on a current property
  • Cash out refinance on a current property

One option, a bridge loan, pulls equity out of your client’s current home to use for a downpayment. When their present home sells, the bridge loan is paid off. If they qualify, your client can borrow up to 80% of the value of the new home (minus any existing mortgages), taxes and insurance are not included (reducing the amount of cash needed to carry two mortgages), and the loan is interest only for up to 12 months. The bridge loan can also be used to pay off any existing mortgage, further reducing the carrying cost of two homes.

Key Mortgage can facilitate both a bridge loan and new home mortgage simultaneously. Reach out to one of our loan officers today to determine your client’s buying power with a bridge loan or any other financing option to arm your clients to compete in this competitive market. We are here to consult on the best path for your clients.