Key Mortgage has a 91 NPS – What Does That Mean For You?

You’ve probably heard about NPS at some point — maybe even from us. But we want to make sure you understand what it is and why our 91 NPS overall (and 100 from buyer’s agents) is such a BIG deal. 

What is an NPS? 

It stands for Net Promoter Score and it’s a metric used by companies to track customer experience. After closing, we send out a one-question survey that asks, “How likely is it that you would recommend Key Mortgage Services to a friend or colleague?” with possible scores being 0 to 10. This goes to the borrower, buyer’s agent and seller’s agent. 

If you want to get into the nitty-gritty of how an NPS is calculated, you can check that out here. But the part you need to know is that the score range is -100 to +100 and a score of 60 is considered best-in-class across industries. 

At Key Mortgage, buyer’s agents have given us a perfect 100 five months in a row. And overall, our NPS is 91 as of April 2023! 

Just to give you some more perspective on how rare this is —  for 2023, the industry benchmark for Financial Services is an NPS of just 56. That means we have far surpassed our competitors when it comes to service. 

So why is that important to you? It means that when you work with Key Mortgage, you are working with a company who goes above and beyond to deliver a great experience to clients that makes you look your best. Count on us to provide you and your clients a best-in-class experience that our competitors just don’t provide.