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New Construction Finance



Use our DreamBuilder program to lock in your peace of mind by knowing your financing has been taken care of. Build your dream on your terms with the loan that best suits your needs. Key Mortgage Services provides new home construction financing so you can choose the custom builder of your choice to finance the construction of your dream home.?



• 12 month construction period?

• You only make payments on the portion of the funds you use

• Borrow up to 80% of the home’s purchase price


You can use the DreamBuilder program in conjunction with our SmartLock program to?lock in your rate on your permanent financing. To apply, complete one of our online applications to get started.



With the SmartLock program, you can lock in your rate for up to 240 days at no cost. We can take the worry out of financing your new home construction by locking in your rate through the Key Mortgage SmartLock program, allowing you to gain peace of mind through uncertain rate environments.



• Lock in your rate for up to 240 days, if rates go lower you get to take advantage



• For new construction only

• Allowed on conforming adjustable rate and fixed programs, FHA, VA and jumbo loans and interest only loan programs